Extremely beautiful and elegant in every detail, this hand fan is made for a Princess ! Features delicate Lace and Swarovski Crystals. Perfect for a Bride or a special occasion.

Our hand fans are not just a decorative item but a high quality and durable accessory for women of all ages. They are specially hand made using strong light weight wood to make sure you will not get tired of using it.

They make a great and unique gift, all our customers are very happy with our products and selection. We have a perfect fan for every occasion like dinners, summer vacations, weddings.., or to just have one in your purse at all times like ladies traditionally do in Spain.
Each piece comes in a box, accessories are available as well, we have different color leather like cases and stands in case you decide to display the fan when not in use.

We guarantee your satisfaction and we don't want you to keep an item you are not happy with, please check our return policy, all items can be shipped out for a replacement or refund.